05 January 2008

Who all got benefited from IT revolution in Bangalore ?

Who all got benefited from IT revolution in Bangalore ?

Only Engineers ?


Builders/Layout developers/House owners/Real Estate Brokers ?
Cab/Auto waalas ?
Garment Industry ?
Restaurant owners ?
Mall owners ?

How much do S/W Engineers spend on all the above ? and how much do they spend on vehicles/petrol, Electronic goods such as digital camera/mobile/music systems/TVs/MP3 players, or for bags/shoes/trousers/t-shirts/time pieces .....

Engineer is earning in one hand and spending on other.
How much do he really save for himself or spend for his benefit ?

Where does his hard earned money go?
And who is becoming rich out of this ?

Think... and drop your comments.


  1. An important question indeed. The point to me is rising cost of living doesn't really help anybody. The benefits all cancel out each other. If only the govt would use the tax to improve infrastructure only then would it make sense. Otherwise Bangalore has sold it's soul to big corporates and only they will take the profits home..and one fine day when Bangalore crashes they will pack their bags and go to some other city to plunder it as well.

  2. Yes you are right. We the software professionals are earning well but at the end of the month our hands are empty.

    What is most important is how much we(people, Bangalore & India) save/retain when all these companies pack up.