25 August 2009

Fundu SMS - 1

Cirkit : bole toh America ka rashtrapathi kidhar rehta hai ?

Munna : Dhobighat

Cirkit : Dhobighat bole toh ?

Munna : English mein usko WashingTown bolne ka !

Secret of being young:

Sleep at RIGHT time,

Study the RIGHT things,

Speak the RIGHT ones,
Eat the RIGHT food,

And tell the WRONG age.


Santa went to a restaurant in London. He wanted chicken, but did not know how to tell in English. So he ordered "1 plate egg's mother".


After eating fish curry, Santa did not drink water, why ?

Because the fish can swim and come out of stomach.


Teacher: What do you call a person who cannot hear ?

Banta : You can call anything, because he cannot hear.

Mother Tongue:

Pappu (while filling a form) : What should I write for mother tongue ?

Banta : Very long !


What did Bunty write against "Salary expected" while filling job application ?

Ans : "Yes"

Love letter:

Girl : I cannot marry you, give my love letters back.
Next day the boy gave her a big basket and told "find out yours from these and take".