25 November 2010

Fundu SMS - 3

Look at the sky at 10:45pm this night, you can see Rajnikanth.
Because he is participating in Asian Games high jump event.
Don't miss it.

Roger Federer : I've each & every knowledge about tennis. You can ask me anything.
Rajnikanth : Tell me how many holes are there in the NET.

When Rajnikanth switches on his AC without closing the door.....
Winter starts in India !!! Happy winter :-)

Every year on some day Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Ironman, Shaktiman, James Bond, Krish all meet Rajnikanth. Do you know what day it is ?
Guru Poornima.

What does "Nine Pipe Pour Pour Pipe Pour Pipe Pour Potty Pipe " mean ?
Simple, Lalu giving you his mobile number "95445 45445" :-)

Who can stop 50 cars by one hand ?
Ans : Traffic Police !!!
Don't wait for RAJNIKANTH always :-)

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