12 April 2010


15 years back my father was selling 4 quintals of cucumber for Rs 50.

Now he is buying 4KGs of vegetables for Rs 50.

Is this called inflation ?

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  1. Could also be called "prosperity". We could discuss salary/income stagnation or monsoon effect over the years or economic improvement/growth (increase in per capita income) or more demand vs less agricultural output or the future of agriculturists in India or economic liberalization (Rs value Vs Dollars, Euros, Dinars, etc).
    8% interest on fixed deposits are not enough even for us for our livelihood after 5 years. So future is also not very bright and thats why our PM always talks about 4% agricultural growth than 8% economic growth. We need nuclear cheap power, good monsoons in next 20years and good connectivities (Rail/Road) to cities.