01 February 2010

Funny expansions - 1

Have you ever thought about the meaning of "OK" before using it ?

According to my friend, "GOK" is cut short to get "OK". And GOK expands to "God Only Knows". Is this what you actually wanted to tell ?

And the same friend gave some more expansions, free of cost :-)

"BYE" means "Bomb Your Enemies" !!!

"TATA" means
"There Are Thousands of Alternatives"
or "Time And Time Again"

"CU" (See You) means
Close Up
Cambridge University
Control Unit

"HW" means
Home Work
Hard Working
Hardly Working !!!


  1. GOK : Good one.
    BYE : Very true.

    Applies to every instances of usage. Must be an interesting person.

  2. Who must be an interesting person ? My friend ? Yeah he is, but he doesn't want to reveal his name.