12 February 2009

My feedback on TIMEX watch

I have heard many words about Timex.
"The most famous watch in USA. Since 1854. In 75 countries. 1 billion watches sold ...... bla.....bla .....bla....."

But it is the worst watch I have ever seen or heard.

I bought a TIMEX COGNOSCENTI MEN (T2M429) watch from a Timex showroom at Jayanagar, Bangalore.

In the last two months I visited the dealer 6 times, exchanged twice & now the 3rd piece I have is a defect.
The first piece was stopping at every midnight when the date changes.
The second piece was showing 14hrs in the small dial when the time was 1pm (It is supposed to show 13hrs.).
The third piece was working fine for 1 month. Now it has stopped working !!!

If one piece has problem, it is Ok. But 3 pieces in a row !!!

I have 2 other watches. For one of them(Sonata), 8 years back I paid Rs 450 and it is still working without slip in time/date/week.

When I go for Timex, I expect quality & value for money.
At the end of the day I found that it is a junk.

My colleagues & friends are making fun of it.
I am getting insulted & irritated with it.

It is a worst experience.

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